1958-59 Ludwig Transition Badge

13,16,22, 3 ply w/rings. Old growth mahogany. Dark, sweet and rich. Time tested studio kit. Lugs are packed, edges trued. This kit has been on stage with Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Willie Nelson, Joe Walsh, and many others. Major Vintage Mojo. 

1962 Gretsch Round Badge in Champagne

13,16,20  Born together jasper shells.  Very clean. All original edges and hardware. Ultra classy vintage vibe. Surfs up!


1970 Slingerland

12,13,16,22 3-ply w/rings, maple interiors. Lug springs are wrapped/packed.  Bearing edges recut by Chris Heuer. Great players grade vintage kit. Ultra chunky, dark. Records beautifully. 

1972 Rogers

13,16,22  5 ply w/rings Maple keller shells. Sweet and warm vintage drums. Rich, resonant tone. Lugs are packed. Records great. I gig on this kit often.